An Open Letter from Daron Rahlves to Slytech

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Light the Wick | Got to See It

Light the Wick | Got to See It

When a world-class athlete, decorated across several disciplines shoots you an unsolicited email, asking you to please give him the opportunity to wear your protective gear, you stop, drop and roll: You're sitting on a product that has caught fire.

This is why I immediately stopped what I was doing when the email from Daron Rahlves came through to our help-desk email and got on the horn with the team.

Here's his introduction of his email to us:

"To who can protect my back-
I'm interested in getting involved and being part of Team Slytech. I wish I à¢Ã¢â€šÂ¬ ¨had your spine protector on last April skiing in AK with TGR. I took a à¢Ã¢â€šÂ¬ ¨nasty crash and suffered a heavy impact between the shoulder blades above my à¢Ã¢â€šÂ¬ ¨pack."

"What crash is he talking about?" you may be asking. Well, luckily (and macabre at the same time), for us voyeurs, Daron's nightmare scenario was captured by the Teton Gravity Research team shooting their new flick "Light the Wick."

With a serious, potentially fatal crash like the one you're about to see: Seeing is believing...

The most amazing thing about Daron contacting us is that this wasn't some marketing or promotions campaign initiative, shelling out big bucks to attract top talent, no. It's that top talent, understanding the value in protection seeking you out for one reason, and one reason alone: after the hugest, nastiest crash of his life, he now knows he needs the best back protection available in the industry (period).

This says it all:

"I'm a big supporter of protective gear. Helmets are a given that everyone sees, but back protectors/protective gear are just as important and they aren't visible.

In the motocross industry everyone runs some protective gear.  I want to help bring that knowledge to the ski world and educate the benefits to skiers.  This is where I'd like to help Slytech.

I believe it's a must for all skiers in racing, park and free skiing."

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